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Hands-on & tailored
India advice for
Danish SME’s and

Next Step India is a three-year project by the Indian Danish Chamber of Commerce and the Danish Industry Foundation. We shed light on the massive country, it’s relevant business eco-systems and many opportunities i.e. strategic talent recruitment, outsourcing of services, fruitful partnerships – or focused export strategies targeting geographic and demographic niche markets.

We host workshops across Denmark in collaboration with the Danish Export Association and the Cross-municipal Business Hubs and offer free, sober insights and intelligence along with tailored advice. In close coordination with our partners and Indian stakeholders, we match incoming Indian business delegations with relevant Danish companies and nurture long term and mutually beneficial connections.

 Let your India business start in Denmark.

India’s economy is growing, and in recent years the country has attracted increased attention from companies the world over who want to diversify supply chains and decrease dependence on China. While many are looking to India when it comes to sourcing and production, the possibilities for business with and in India are much wider and more varied.

India is undoubtedly both a rapidly growing market and an important resource for companies looking to secure future competitiveness.


Unpacking India for
Danish SME’s and

Indian business can be challenging –  Next Step India helps your company explore, develop and nurture a detailed and customized India strategy. Completely free of charge.

India has a reputation for being a complex and complicated country for businesses. Therefore, mostly larger Danish companies have had the resources to develop and take advantage of Indian opportunities.  Next Step India is here to change that – and to open Indian opportunities for smaller Danish companies. With a vast and young workforce, a steadily growing middle class and highly educated, English-speaking professionals in all sections of industry, Indian opportunities for Danish SME’s and start-ups are many and diverse.

Join us and find out why
India is relevant for you.